A place where innovation thrives.

Montréal means business. The city is inventive, curious and keenly business-oriented. Considered the academic capital of Canada, Montréal attracts students and researchers from across the globe. We consistently rank as one of the best global student cities. What happens when you attract so many smart, creative people? You get a city that blossoms with entrepreneurial spirit and unique economic opportunities.

We get you access to the best of Montréal: the minds, the organizations, the companies, the whole local ecosystem. We match you with local champions, the type of folks who make excellent keynote speakers because of both their expertise and understanding of regional industry landscapes.

We connect you to Montréal’s key economic sectors:

Life sciences
Academics and social sciences
ICT/Video games
Artificial intelligence

  • Best Student City in the Americas (QS Best Student Cities in the world)
  • Canada’s university capital
Montréal is a world leader in ICT and an AI powerhouse
A city of knowledge
Montréal, a major player in life sciences
A strong, solid engineering sector
Innovation takes flight in Montréal