Espace St-Denis

Offsite Venues
Downtown - Quartier des spectacles

The proliferation of Espace St-Denis services now allows for greater diversity in terms of operations and offerings. Whether it’s television, corporate events, shows and even culinary delights, the ESD teams offers clients all the logistical support they need. Espace St-Denis is a multi-purpose entertainment complex featuring the Théâtre St-Denis, a Studio-Cabaret, a restaurant (Le Molière par Mousso), bar and grill (Le Marie Louise) and much more. Visitors will enjoy a full entertainment experience, all under one roof.

Laurence Doucet

Meeting planning capacity

Number of meeting rooms by capacity

  • Number of meeting rooms (under 150): 2
  • Number of meeting rooms (151 to 500): 1
  • Number of meeting rooms (1000 and over): 1

Maximal capacity by configuration

  • Number of meeting rooms: 4

Espace St-Denis
1594 Saint-Denis Street
Montréal, QC H2X 3K2
Downtown - Quartier des spectacles
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