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Meetings in Montréal : what people are saying

People from around the world and a range of sectors of activity talk about their experience of attending a meeting or event in Montréal.

Destinations International 2017 in Montréal

Destinations International delegates and DI president and CEO Don Welsh talk about Montréal as host city for their annual conference.

Meetings in Montréal as seen by Ewa Jodlowska, Event Coordinator, PyCon

Ewa Jodlowska, Event Coordinator at PyCon shares her experience planning two events in Montréal.

Connexions that matter – C2 Montréal

Business Events Montréal invited clients to experience Montréal creativity first-hand and tell us about their impressions of the C2 Montréal 2017 conference. When you meet in the right city, great things happen!

"I’m blown away by this city — the history, the culture."
ADRIANA PERABO, Business Development Manager, Canberra Convention Bureau 

"The [convention centre] operated beautifully, the service was fantastic, the food and beverage was great."
DON WELSH, President & CEO, Destinations International 

"I’ve been amazed at everywhere I’ve been. The proximity from my hotel to the convention centre was perfect. Walkability to the old town and different areas of the city. It makes it so easy and convenient, and entertaining as well."
MACKENZIE COLEMAN, Sales Manager, Omaha Convention & Visitor Bureau

"The people are very friend, the cuisine is amazing, the nightlife is amazing. It’s an incredible destination."

"I would recommend to not think twice and come straight to Montréal."
JOSÉ ARANA, Marketing & Communications Executive, Meet Puerto Rico 

"When we have an organization that comes to us and says, “Where should we meet in Canada or otherwise?” Montréal is a city that we bring up often because it really is a great city… from a cultural standpoint and some great venues to work with."
MARK DOSMAN, President, Strategic Site Selection

"We had surprises after surprise, which were just wonderful! I wish I was here for another week."
GERALINE BORDELON, Director of Destination Sales, Visit Baton Rouge

"There is much more history to this city. It is actually a city. In the States, we consider New York City and Chicago as the core cities because they were originally port cities and rail cities. And for sociologists, we’re very interested in urban areas with lots of culture — in terms of music, race, class, diversity and the makeups of those kinds of urban areas. So that’s why Montréal appeals to us — in the same tier as the New Yorks, Chicagos and San Franciscos."
KAREEM D. JENKINS, Director of Meeting Services, American Sociological Association

"I think that [Business Events Montréal] was very good at listening. They were very creative at showing me some different venues, and the pros and cons. When it was time to negotiate, they also gave me a few tricks, and a few things I needed to ask for. I never had that before from a tourism bureau… I really felt they were working for the client, which was really impressive for me."
CHRISTIANE MENARD, Executive Director, Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists

Meetings in Montréal as seen by Earla Jones, MS, CMP, Director, Annual Meeting, NACUBO

Earla Jones, MS, CMP, explains why her organization has chosen Montréal as host city for their annual meeting.

Meetings in Montréal as seen by Phyllis Klasky, Director of Events Management, ASME

Phyllis Klasky, Director of Events Management at ASME, explains why she loves Montréal has a meeting city.

Meetings in Montréal as seen by Jean Rosenberg, Director of Meetings, Marketing and Membership, ASPB

Jean Rosenberg, Director of Meetings, Marketing and Membership at ASPB shares her Montréal experience.

Meetings in Montréal, as seen by David Jewell, Regional Vice President, HelmsBriscoe

David Jewell, Regional Vice President at Helms Briscoe shares his experience working in collaboration with Tourisme Montréal (Business Events Montréal).

"The collaboration of [Business Events Montréal] is at the top of the list as good as the best of the tourism bureaus in the US and I consider it one of the top five."
PHYLLIS KLASKY, Director of Events Management, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

"One of the reasons we’re looking at Montréal is the great airlift from around the world. We don’t want our attendees to have to fly from very far-flung areas to have to do more than one connection to get there."
DEBRA TUCKER, CMP, President, Debra Tucker Associates LLC

"Come and experience the city, first hand. See it. Taste it. Experience it. It is such an amazing city. It’s what we look for in a package. Walkability. There are historic sites. There are modern sites. It’s really the package that most convention meeting planners are seeking for their delegates. That’s what I love about Montréal!"
LESLIE ZECK, CMP, CMM, Director of Meetings, American & International Associations for Dental Research

"There really is a uniqueness to this city…That really serves as the big benefit and attraction: I know I can give my people a great time here; and I’ll take care of the education so that really is a powerful incentive to take the meeting up here. Language is, without question, one of the distinguishing features of the city… In a good, way, without question. There’s an elegance to the French culture here that makes it different than what you see with other countries… French has always been known for romance, fashion and food."
NELSON FABIAN, M.S., Executive Director and CEO, National Environmental Health Association

"My stay in Montréal has been nothing short of spectacular. Everything from the dining experience to the conference itself has been fantastic. All the content has been phenomenal for PCMA, and that, supported by the extra-curricular activities in Montréal, has really made it a complete experience."
Chief Operating Officer, PCMA

"I would definitely recommend Montréal. It’s everything that you ever wanted: the food, the people, the way that the architecture is. I’m just fabulously in love with this city."
CMP, Unity Technologies

"It’s a wonderful place; a first class city. It definitely has a bit of a European flavor to it, a lot of culture and there’s a lot for attendees to really explore and enjoy here."
Strategic Account Manager, Experient

"My favourite thing about the city of Montréal is that you really do feel a little bit of Europe and yet you’re so close to home."
Director of Meeting Services
Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

"I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen in Montréal: the Convention Centre, the hotels, the service, the kindliness, the professionalism."
Director of Meetings, Scientific Societies