Team Montréal

Team Montréal is here to ensure your meetings mean more.


Award-winning services

Montréal is known as a cultural mecca, a culinary capital and a festival epicentre, yes — but there’s a reason it was voted the easiest place to do business in North America by Evidénz Research Group. With our simple, streamlined and client-centred approach, Team Montréal is a coalition of meeting and convention industry leaders that bands together to ensure unforgettable results.

One-of-a-kind experiences

Whether it’s the high-tech excellence of our green-certified convention centre or the European charm of Old Montréal’s cobblestone streets, Team Montréal will introduce you and your attendants to the best of the city.

Our dedicated help — and peerless contacts — will get you first dibs on Montréal’s exceptional meeting spaces, world-class hotels, unexpected offsite venues and one-of-a-kind cultural offerings.

Let Team Montréal seamlessly mesh business and pleasure to help give your meetings, conferences and exhibitions that oh-so-Montréal je ne sais quoi.

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