Montréal makes it more

Montréal has world-class facilities, food and entertainment, sustainability, an amazing convention centre… and more, more, more.

Top reasons to meet in Montréal

In Montréal, meetings are made easy. We’ve got the world-class facilities to make events of any size pop, including a convention centre that just won’t quit. We’ve got food, entertainment and endless hospitality. We’re open, accessible, and we’ve got our eye on sustainability in every sense of the word. But more than that, we’ve got… more. We’ve got that ineffable quality that goes beyond the nuts and bolts — beyond our status as a global destination and major North American hub. Montréal is more than the sum of its parts.

1. More bang for your buck

We’ve got deals, and we’ve got them now! Whether it’s hotel rebates for third-party planners, association and corporate groups or a sustainability incentive at the convention centre, we want you to save when you organize your meetings here. Let Business Events Montréal help you plan your eco-friendly event and get you all the customized financial incentives we can.

2. More global recognition

It’s hard not to brag when the world celebrates your achievements! Montréal was recently voted the easiest place to do business in North America by Evidénz Research Group, and ranked No. 1 in North America for international conferences and events by both the ICCA and the UIA. One thing is clear: with a coalition of meeting and convention industry leaders like Team Montréal by your side, great things happen.

3. More ways to get here 

Just a 20-minute drive from downtown Montréal, YUL Montréal-Trudeau International Airport is one of Canada’s most important hubs, with direct flights to more than 150 worldwide destinations. No wonder Montréal is home to both the flag carrier and the nation’s largest airline, Air Canada, as well as several of the world’s most important aviation organizations, including the ICAO and IATA!

4. More innovation at the convention centre

Our convention centre, the colourful kaleidoscope that is the Palais des congrès de Montréal, is high-tech, green and right downtown. It was one of the first convention centres in the Americas to be a carbon-neutral building, and it counts 113 meeting rooms with a total surface area for exhibition of nearly 400,000 square feet. There’s definitely room for you.

5. More homey hospitality

From boutique to high luxe, business to bijou, Montréal’s got a hotel for you: in fact, it’s got some 24,600 hotel rooms on offer, with 16,000 of them located downtown, and 4,000 linked directly to the convention centre via the city’s famous Underground City — officially known as the underground pedestrian network. Come rain or shine, your attendees will get to your event well rested and fresh.

6. More thriving economic sectors

Montréal has a global reputation across industries, and for that reason it attracts highly qualified workers, decision makers and business leaders. And our local communities? They’re dedicated, dynamic and committed to excellence in all key economic sectors. Our most famous are the life sciences, engineering, information and communications technologies, AI, knowledge and clean tech… but that’s not where the list ends.

7. More planet-friendly initiatives

Montréal was the first Canadian city to join the Global Destination Sustainability Index, the world’s leading sustainability performance program for business tourism destinations around the world. Our knowledgeable experts at Team Montréal are there to help business meeting and convention organizers plan sustainable events, and explore how they can make a positive social and environmental impact on the city while they’re here.

8. More of a breeze to get around

Compact, walkable, convenient and safe: that’s Montréal in a nutshell. It’s a city on a human scale with welcoming, easily accessed neighbourhoods than are a joy to stroll through. Our ultra-modern public transportation system is a breeze to use, and our metro — or subway — links right into the underground pedestrian network. We’ve got miles and miles of bike paths and a public bike rental system, BIXI, boasting 9,600 bikes. But if you run out of steam, no problem: taxis and car-for-hire services are available 24/7 throughout the city.

9. More mouth-watering food

All we can say is: make sure you come hungry! Five-star restaurants? Check. Fabulous food trucks? Check. Next-level lunch counters? Check! From hidden gems serving up every culture and flavour to world-famous restaurants headed by celebrity chefs, you’re in for a non-stop feast for the senses. Explore Montréal’s unique mix of local influences, creative ebullience and bold global inspirations.

10. More to love

What is Montréal’s certain je ne sais quoi? It’s hard to define. It could be our mix of French roots, British heritage and North American upbringing. It might be our signature hospitality. It might be all that richness that comes from Montréal’s identity as a true mosaic of cultures, colours, tastes and traditions. With more than 100 spectacular festivals, and an entertainment and culture scene that energizes the city year-round, Montreal is always abuzz. It’s got to be lived to be believed.



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