Montréal is a city that moves—intelligently. In fact, it has set its sights on becoming the leading city in North America for electric transportation and sustainable mobility by 2020. That same year, we also hope to achieve a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, compared with 1990 levels. These lofty goals reflect our commitment to protecting the environment and staying at the forefront of progressive industries. 

Named Intelligent Community of the Year in 2016 and top city for cycling in North America in 2017, Greater Montréal is currently rolling out new intelligent transportation systems and making massive investments in electric and active transportation options. 

Current initiatives in mobility and intelligent transportation:

•    Beating traffic with artificial intelligence via a smartphone application that informs drivers of traffic issues
•    Switching to electric city buses with the aim of having a zero-emission fleet by 2040
•    Using artificial intelligence to improve supply chains with an application that provides truck drivers with traffic forecasts
•    Getting passengers from the airport to downtown in just 20 minutes with a new electric automated light rail system scheduled for completion in 2023
•    Introducing self-driving electric shuttles at Montréal’s Olympic Park and Space for Life—two major tourist sites receiving 3 million visitors annually
•    Installing more than 1,300 public electric vehicle charging stations
•    Maintaining a city-operated bike-sharing organization and 846 kilometers of bike lanes and paths

Industry, research and thought leadership

Montréal is home to innovative businesses and institutes that are shaping the world of sustainable mobility. In fact, Québec is a world leader in developing and producing intelligent and electric ground transportation. We’ve also got more than 20 research centres and institutes, including CIRRELT, the largest transportation research centre in the world. 

Industrial clusters and associations in clean, electric and intelligent transportation:

Research chairs and institutes:

Past and upcoming events 

  • Movin’On World Summit on Sustainable Mobility Michelin, June 4 to 6, 2019 (Delegates: 5,000)
  • Montréal Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Show, May 3 to 5, 2019 
  • Impulsion MTL Propulsion Québec, June 3 and 4, 2019