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From flexible cancellation fees to experts specialized in hybrid events to Our 720° Safety Protocol and more, we cover every detail, so all you have to think about is planning an unforgettable event. Guaranteed.

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As North America’s French-speaking metropolis, thinking differently isn’t anything different for Montréal, from bold economic and cultural initiatives to class-above culinary innovations, to a holistic sustainability strategy encompassing social, economic and environmental components that put the city way ahead of the curve.

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Montréal, from a distance

These videos visits of popular venues and hotels enable you to discover Montréal from the comfort of your own home and give a glimpse into the endless potential the city offers.

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You’re a meeting planner. We’re the CVB of a cutting-edge urban centre. Don’t you think it’s time we meet? We want to show you how Montréal works for you. From assigning you a dedicated conventions services manager to connecting you with the city’s movers and shakers to opening doors city-wide, our strategy is streamlined, simple and successful. And that’s not to mention Montréal, a chic, safe, easy-to-access city that overflows with festivals, fun and cultural sparkle.