Accommodation (Hotels)

Your hotel room is where you recharge. Utmost care is being taken to ensure that the room feels not just thoroughly sanitized, but also comfortable and welcoming. While each hotel implements specific measures based on its unique design, here are some of the standard protocols.

  • A maximum number of guests permitted to check in each hour, to limit large numbers of people in the lobby.
  • Disinfection of payment tools: credit card readers, pens, etc.
  • Removal of lobby beverage services and high-contact items (such as magazines, newspapers, and maps).
  • Disinfection machines at strategic locations.

In room details


  • Hotel cleaning staff wear gloves at all times and are trained on how to avoid cross-contamination.
  • All information material must be washable, otherwise it is delivered on request (such as note pads, envelopes, room service menu).
  • Removal of all minibar items (which are now available through room service).
  • Room service is provided to the door, not inside the room. For food ordered outside the hotel, guests are requested to wait in the lobby for delivery.  
  • For guests staying two nights or more, daily housekeeping services are kept to a minimum. As always, guests who don’t want any form of housekeeping services can use a “Do Not Disturb” sign.
  • Once a guest has checked out, the room will remain closed for three hours before cleaning and disinfection. Rooms will be ventilated with fresh outdoor air (where possible).

Hotel meeting spaces

  • Authorized events—seated, whether indoors or outdoors—are limited to a maximum of 250 people per room.
  • Event staff will meet guests with sanitary stations and verification procedures for symptomatic guests.
  • Control of line ups to respect physical distance. Encourage one-way traffic regarding entrances and exits.
  • Organizers must limit movement of participants, prohibit exchange of materials, and prioritise returning to the same seat.
  • For merchandise sales kiosks, promote online sales with an on-site pickup option. If possible, only workers can touch merchandise.
  • Guests encouraged to bring their own bottle. Water-refill stations on-site.
  • Food and beverage service can be done inside or outside the meeting room, avoiding gatherings. Buffets are allowed only if an employee is serving the food and the food is protected from the clients with plexiglass. Eating and drinking only permitted while seated.
  • All external suppliers (AV, florists, entertainers, decorators, etc.) who participate in the meeting or event must respect hotel safety guidelines, which might include wearing a mask and eye protection.